Dec. 6, 2011 International Human Rights Day Celebration

(Above) Audio of Ajamu Baraka's Keynote at 2011 Human Rights Day Celebration.

Ajamu Baraka has been Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network and has  served eight years in that position starting from the Network's inception in 2003. Under Baraka, the Network grew exponentially to meet the increasing demand for its services and programs and now comprises more than 300 U.S.-based member organizations and more than 1,500 individuals working on the full spectrum of human rights issues. 


And here is Mayor Kitty Piercy reading, at the celebration, a proclamation in honor of International Human Rights Day and its celebration in Eugene. 


(Below) Edited video of December 6, 2011, International Human Rights Day Celebration in Eugene Oregon, with Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy, Ajamu Baraka, and others speaking on the need to commit to human rights standards at home and abroad.